In a ravine, in 340 BC, Argos architect Polykleitos the Younger built, according to Pausanias, the theater of Epidaurus. Of all the ancient theater of Epidaurus theater is the most beautiful and best preserved. Intended for the amusement of the patients had a capacity of 13,000 spectators. Divided into two parts. A series of 21 seats for the people and the bottom rows of 34 seats for the priests and rulers.

The marvelous acoustics, but also a very good situation in which they have contributed to the creation of Epidaurus Festival, an institution which has been running for many years.



Asklepion of Epidaurus was the most famous of all Asclipia of ancient Greece because of the many and serious cases were cured there. In this came from all over Greece and the Mediterranean Basin ill, seekers of divine mercy.

Its area was great and dispose hostels, gymnasium, stage and famous for its acoustics, theater, for the entertainment of people.

Great importance in the treatment of patients seem to have had the wonderful natural environment that was built. The tranquility of nature, soft and clean lines of the surrounding mountains, lush vegetation and abundant sources were, especially in patients with mental illness, terrible effects resulting in improved health with the help of their priests.